Things You Might Be Forgetting To Disinfect

What are some things that you might be FORGETTING TO DISINFECT?

May 12, 2020
cleaning wallet

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When you go out for essential errands, you take hygiene precautions like wearing a mask and thoroughly washing your hands afterward. You might even know it’s a good idea to set your bags of groceries on the floor instead of the counter to avoid cross-contamination, and that you should remove your potentially germ-ridden shoes when you enter your home.

But how often do you think about disinfecting all the other items you touched when you were out and about?

Melissa Hawkins, an epidemiologist at American University, shared which surfaces you might be FOREGETTING TO DISINFECT...

- Your glasses or sunglasses 

- Your keys

- Your credit card or debit card 

- Your wallet or purse

- Your steering wheel 

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