How Much Money You Need To Make To Be "Happy"

So, how much money do YOU need to make to be "HAPPY"?

March 6, 2020
happy money

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Researchers looked at stats from all 50 states to figure out how much money you'd need to make to reach an ideal level of "life satisfaction" in other words, happiness with next to no stress.  And in almost every state, it's over 90 GRAND.

The state where you can truly be happy on the cheapest budget is Mississippi at $89,000 a year.  It's followed by Oklahoma at $91,000 . . . Arkansas, also $91,000 . . . New Mexico, $93,000 . . . and Kansas, $93,000.

The state where happiness costs the most is Hawaii.  You'd need to make $201,000 a year to truly be happy and stress-free there.

The rest of the five most expensive states for happiness are California, $145,000 . . . New York, $144,000 . . . Oregon, $141,000 . . . and Massachusetts, $137,000.

The salary you need to be HAPPY in Missouri is $92,925, while the salary you need to be HAPPY in Illinois is $99,645.

They also looked at how much you need to make for your "emotional well-being" to stay intact.  In other words, you're not completely happy but also not constantly stressed out.  And that number's lower.  It ranges from $51,000 to $115,000 a year, depending on the state. 

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