Police Chase Ended By One Tough Dude

Keith Hausher was our old fitness instructor

December 6, 2018

It truly is a small world (or city). I’ve always wondered how Keith Hausher was doing. He was the tough as nails fitness expert for the KMOV “News 4 This Morning” show when I was the traffic and entertainment reporter about 8 years ago. Keith even put Virginia Kerr, Marc Cox and I through a full hellish workout live on the air one time and I think I’m still sore from it! Needless to say, after I left the show, I never saw Keith. That is until this afternoon when I looked up and he was being honored on TV as a good Samaritan. Keith is the hero who personally stopped the high speed chase all over St. Louis on Wednesday afternoon. Great job Keith!

Here’s more info on what went down from Fox 2:

“The suspects drove off attempting to drive over a police officer and then led police on a chase from Interstate 70 to southbound I-270.  The suspects exited at Dougherty Ferry and then headed north on I-270 before exiting at Manchester and then attempting to head south on I-270 again. That’s when police were able to apprehend the suspects.

Keith Hausher was driving pickup truck that helped block the suspect’s vehicle.

“I heard the car impact 2 others behind me and so I just turned over to try and block them, try to stop them,” he said.  “Once I did, law enforcement took over.”

Hausher has ties to law enforcement.  He founded the Patriot Training Foundation, a non-profit that provides police training at no cost to police departments.  He does not advise the average person to try and block a car trying to escape police.

“Most people got out of the way like they should.  I guess with my familiarity with that type of situation I felt pretty comfortable trying to do something about it,” he said.  “Police do this every single day.  The attention I’m getting for this is kind of crazy but that’s what a policeman does every single day, put their life on the line and I wish they got more attention like I’m getting for this.”

St Peters Police are still trying to determine why the suspects tried to run over an officer and then drove away.  The suspects now face a potential felony charge for attempting to injure an officer.