Woman Stabs Roommate Over Her Drinking Problem During Quarantine

“Die, b----, die!” She yelled at her roommate as victim begged her to call 911

May 4, 2020
Bad Roommate Show

Bad Roommate Show


I've heard some folks joke about needing "Detox" after this Quarantine. I can see how tempting it must be to tie one on each day during these crazy, stressful days. But for some of us, that would be a very destructive idea. However, it's not likely to get you murdered by your roommate! Unless your name is Tatiana Nazarinova.

“Die, b----, die!” That was the response from a hard-drinking New York woman who stabbed her roommate when the bleeding victim begged her to call 911, according to prosecutors.

And it all started when Tatiana told the accused she was drinking too much during lockdown. 

27-year-old Daria Alyabyeva did NOT like hearing that so she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her friend and roommate at least five times in the shoulder, under her armpit, stomach, hip, right thigh, the left side of her face and her hands. 

When Tatiana was finally able to get the police there on her own, her drunk roommate had disappeared. This is crazy right?

Both girls are here from Russia. The stabbing was the thanks Tatiana gets for offering her troubled model countryman a place to stay here in the states!

The police nabbed Daria 8 days later and booked her on attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon charges. She's at Rikers Island right now on $750,000 bond.