Will Dennis Quaid Pay Per Puff?

July 25, 2018



Dennis Quaid simply couldn't take it anymore! So he did a big no-no during a commercial flight; he smoked! And one passenger sees a payday.

Karl Larsen says his “peace of mind" was assaulted. He’s suing Dennis Quaid for the cost of that flight which was about $3700! That’s not a cheap cancer stick. Actually his was electronic. Not sure on that slang.

I can imagine the feeling. Sitting in first class, near Karl. Waiting on the tarmac longer than normal. The anxiety was rolling up on Dennis – everything and everyone was annoying the hell out of him, so he grabbed a puff and broke airline policy. Anxiety minimized.

The big question is… if Quaid pays this passenger off, does that open him up to compensate any and all of the other passengers who want to file a lawsuit?

I mean, what’s the deal? Does the fraternal bond you establish each time you fly suddenly not mean anything anymore? Let’s be honest, Dennis could have/probably would have ended up marooned on an island with these people ala “Cast Away.” Where’s the love Karl Larsen.