Wearing A Corset Completely Changed Her Body

July 31, 2018

USA Today

I keep hearing about a “Corset Trend” and it makes me chuckle thinking about my wife trying to deal with one of those crazy things. But, I’ve never stopped to read too much of it, until today. A little freaky - actress Dakota Fanning said it “completely changed her body" and a corset made her faint.

So this is a warning if you are planning to jump in on the trend, wear it loosely or read some things Dakota is saying – not all bad actually.

Fanning said, “I would have hours-long fittings and I hate to try on clothes, and I would just stand there. I fainted in my first fitting.” This was for her new TV show The Alienist.

Dakota elaborated, “They put the corset on, and yeah, I was like, ‘I’m going down. I’m going down!’ I had to sit. They would try and be like, ‘Okay, are you all right now?’ I’d be like, ‘No, nope. Still gotta sit.’ But then you get used to it. Your body just completely adjusts, it’s so weird.”

This is where she talks about the corset days completely changing her shape. “I’ve worn corsets before, but never for this long of a period,” the actress explained. “Seven months; your body completely changes. You can get it on without even lacing or unlacing. By the end I was just snapping it on, snapping it off. It was like second nature.”

So you tell me are corsets good or bad?