Watch: Meet the Mom's Behind the Blogs, St. Louisan "Seeing Dandy"

November 19, 2018
Paul Cook & Tara Smith with Seeing Dandy

Y98 St. Louis


The usual tried and trusted sites that tell you what's up in St. Louis are nice and will always be there. But, these days, it seems people are attracted to PERSONAL EXPERIENCE more than ever. You gotta live it and that's just what a huge amount of St. Louis Area Mommy Bloggers have been doing for quite a while.

The other day I realized mommy bloggers are telling some really compelling stories about family living and St. Louis stuff. Each of the mom's comes with a unique story or experience that was the catalyst for becoming a M.B. So, we decided to highlight them a bit. And I'm even more excited about the new plan we have cooked up for them. (more to come).

Here's my new buddy Tara Smith. Her site,, kept popping up on all of my St. Louis Mommy Blogger searches. I'm like, "I gotta reach out to this momma!" This mom of three jumped right in! She calls her site Seeing Dandy because of her Grandpa, or Boompa, as they called him! Boompa loved dandelions. To the point that he actually hated having to mow over them.  I don't wanna spoil this warm story, it's on her site and you should definitely read it.

But do you know a mommy blogger or are a mommy blogger that sining a little light on our beautiful city? Let me know!