Vending Machines: My New Fascination

From Ted Drewes Machine To The New PIZZA Vending Machine

August 13, 2018



Lately, I’ve been keeping my eye open for new, creative vending machine ideas. Truthfully, I’m not sure why this is interesting to me at all, maybe it comes from my attempt to beat every claw machine I come across from 2005-12. Winnings: 2 full beds of must-have stuffed animals.

Anyway, I was really excited when I saw the Ted Drewes vending machine at the airport last month. We couldn’t get our 4 bucks into that bad boy fast enough. A little anticlimactic – it first appeared like metal arm was going to pour the frozen custard but it ended up reaching into a cooler and picking our “Cookies and Cream” cup out.

But this new PIZZA vending machine that is crushing it in Japan has the top prize in my book. It cranks out made to order pie in just a few minutes! They call it Pizza Self. It “operates 24 hours a day and dispenses made-to-order personal margherita and four-cheese pies for less than $12. The margherita pizza costs about $8.83, while its cheesier counterpart retails for around $11.56. Both pies also come with a pizza cutter, so there’s no waiting to enjoy the meal.” US Weekly writer Samantha Leffler

Pretty awesome. Like I said, I’m not sure why I care about these things so much, but I heard somewhere that you can’t pick what you love, blah blah. I think there’s a country song about this.