The Ultimate Manspreading Deterrent

September 26, 2018



Manspreading: The Epidemic!

In case you didn’t know “Manspreading” is when men sit with their legs really wide apart. The main offense to this comes when “macho men” manspread on public transit taking up space and kind of causing others sitting at the same level to avert their eyes from what's right in front of them.

I’m starting to get it.

Well, a 20-year-old Russian law student calls it “gender aggression.” Anna Dovgalyuk is doing something about it! She carries a water bottle with bleach mixed in it, 60% bleach. When Anna sees some dude spreading wide, she spills it on his crotch... over and over again to different spreaders.

It’s pretty funny. But that’s a bit extreme don’t ya think?

Now that I know there’s a term for it and that it’s seen as “rude” I see it everywhere I look! Help!