Paul's Best Series To Stream For Your Stay-At-Home

"I've seen them all!"

April 10, 2020
Stay-At-Home Series During Covid-19

Paul Cook


I know a thing or ten about trying to entertain yourself while needing to stay at home. Over the past few years, I have binged quite a few compelling shows. I've also seen too many horrible ones. With so many folks looking to kill some time during their Covid-19 "stay at home," I wanted to share the ones that get into your heart and mind for the highest creativity and escapism.

I'm sure you know many of them. I left "Breaking Bad" and "Game of Thrones" off the list because they are the best of the best in my opinion - so here's the rest.

Possibly More Female Watchers:

1. Versailles - enchantment by extreme adornment and drama
2. Mad Men - coolest pitchman to ever be a serial adulterer
3. Nurse Jackie - Showtime, perfect companion to be at home
sick with
4. The Missing - Starz, Brits tell abduction the best
5. Outlander - Starz, Ultimate escapism
6. Ozark - Netflix, Missouri’s Breaking Bad
7. The Fall - Netflix, 50 Shades a Serial Killer
8. Marcella - Netflix, intense female performance
9. Handmaid’s Tale - Hulu, Art in a religion of terror
10. Sinner Season 1 – Netflix, Jessica Biel stretches the intrigue

A Few More Male Watchers:

1. Deadwood - HBO, Best cast ever!
2. True Detective - Season 1, HBO McConaughey and Harrelson are
totally gripping through decades
3. The Wire - HBO originally, Eye-opening & real
4. Patriot - Amazon Prime, UNDERRATED Visionary comic creativity
5. Marco Polo - Netflix, Epic, sympathetic & beautiful
6. Mr. Robot - Incredible characters (Oakville HS exec prod. Chad Hamilton)
7. Future Man - Hulu, made by Seth Rogen- Evan Goldberg.
Crude and hysterical
8. Peaky Blinders - Netflix, Cillian Murphy crushes
9. Taboo - FX, Tom Hardy Best actor in Hollywood
10. Fargo - FX, Billy Bob, and Martin Freeman kill it

What would you add? Talk To Me!