TESTING: New Idea of Getting Cat's Attention with Baby Voice

September 10, 2018

Gateway Pet Guardians


Okay, I tried this… According to a veterinarian from Vancouver, British Columbia, names said in baby talk are most effective for cats after conducting a trial with a feline to test the technique.

Dr. Uri Burstyn believes cats pay more attention when their names end in a high frequency. He says that since felines have ears that register high-pitched noises — such as the sounds birds and mice make — they are more likely to notice if their names follow that pattern.

Monikers that end in “e” sounds, for instance, will catch cats’ attention better than consonants, according to Burstyn. A cat called Whiskers, then, is less likely to react upon hearing its name than one dubbed Missy.

Check it out. We have a new kitten in the Cook house. My daughter Ryan and doggy Jack seem to notice me more than “Blue," while poorly talking in a high pitched voice.



I gave it my best shot...for 12 seconds, cuz we don’t have all the time in the world for this. You and I got other things to do, right? But did you see the other animal in the video?