Temptation Island is Back After 15 Years!

January 15, 2019



A familiar debauchery is back knocking on the door of guilty obsession TV tonight! But I wonder if it will have enough "grit" to turn eyes in the age of swipe right or left?

15 years ago “Temptation Island” seemed like a bit much to me. I remember wondering how any relationship could make it out of that blitz of beachwear, sea food, self-tanner, exoctic cocktails and forced nudity without a slip of some kind?

Well, now we have the benefit of time to help us; we see that exactly none of them did make it – except one! The marriage of Mark Wahlberg (the host) and his wife of more than 15 years is just as sound as ever!  Other than that union, nothing remains. Even the mating-for-life flamingos on T-Island were like “Eh, I think that other chick might be more into me.”

The show shamelessly oozed infidelity and we ate it up. I remember hoping it was even half as entertaining as it’s grandfather “Paradise Hotel,” but not quite as much. We even made a graph of that one and put it on the fridge in my house (embarrassing).

Tonight it’s back with more tearful meltdowns and hot guys and girls behaving badly to try and shock us all on USA at 9pm. The Cook couple will be watching!