The Strange Stir A Death Announcement Created

NFL Star Patrick Mahomes Girlfriend Being Criticized

November 12, 2018



The NFL’s new Phenom Patrick Mahomes is being talked about worldwide for his magnificence on the field these days. But a tragic and fascinating thing happened after yesterday’s victory in KC.

Sadly, Patrick’s girlfriend’s stepdad was at the game, but collapsed at the stadium. Paul Massey died later at the hospital. He was Brittany Matthews step father and perhaps Patrick Mahomes future father-in-law. But all of the hubbub is being made about Brittany Mathews's "narcissistic" announcement on Instagram:

brittanylynne8 Today is a day I will never forget! Directly after this picture I sprinted to the front entrance to see my step dad passed out! He did not come back from this and he was called to heaven today! I KNOW 100% he is so happy up there with his kids looking down on us cheering loud that his chiefs won today! Thank you everyone for the prayers and sweet text! We will miss you Paul So So So Much! I will take care of mom for you!❤️----

Did her announcement feel a bit too cheery to you? It didn’t sit well with hundreds of people.

Jerkfacefave So gross and tactless to expose this man in is last moments this way. I would be mortified if this was my family.

jonnahoffman@bs199720 I could not agree more. That post literally made me sick. And I don’t want to hear “leave her alone” when you post something that messed up on social media you open yourself up to (very legitimate) criticism. #cringe

melissa_ferbert@coryjuly88 I found this post very bizarre too, but thought maybe this is just what millennials' reality is. Something happens and they quickly document and post it.

I have to admit when I first read it I thought it was a bit weird. But I’ve learned that people don’t all deal with grief or loss the same way. It might seem to be a bit too many (!!!), but that's how some people do social media and email. I think it’s pretty wrong for strangers, hiding behind their Twitter name, to blast her – especially after knowing so little about her and the situation.

How does the announcement come off to you?