Silly Royal Etiquette Rules

May 14, 2018
Meghan Markle

USA Images


Who hasn't dreamed about living in a castle and being a beautiful princess? Or, eh, a dashing prince I mean. Either way, being in the royal family is not all priceless jewelry and unlimited travel miles. There are a crapload of rules you are expected to remember and live by. You know this if you've ever binged "The Crown" on Netflix - you realize that almost every scandal involves some controversy about breaking royal etiquette. (BTW, how do they make that seem so life shattering!) 


Here are some of my favorites:

- None of the Royals are allowed to eat SHELLFISH when they are away from home. This is so they don't get sick and miss a royal duty.

- Speaking of eating, the Queen rules mealtime. When she stops eating, everyone needs to stop - even if your plate is still full!

- The game MONOPOLY has been outlawed, because family members have a long history of being "vicious."

- Two royal heirs are not supposed to fly on the same plane. But Prince William announced he will not travel without his children.

- No full-length PANTS for royal children! Prince George is always seen in shorts. This is a sign of status.

- And NO PDA! None of the royals are ever supposed to kiss in public. The current Queen came up with that one.


The Royal Week continues!