Post "Ghost" Malone Might Be Cursed Now

It's hard to argue with the freaky evidence

September 19, 2018

USA Today


Artist Post Malone has blown up like no one else over the past year. He even knocked out Michael Jackson’s Thriller album for the most consecutive weeks in the top 10. Wow!

But some might say he’s cursed as well. And we might even know exactly when it happened. New video has been released of the rapper’s contact with “the most haunted object in the world.” It’s the DYBBUK BOX, supposedly haunted with an evil Jewish spirit and the inspiration for the movie Possession.

In the video, Post is with the host of the show Ghost Adventures. Zak Bagans touches the “haunted box” and Post Malone has his hand on Zak’s shoulder, then they run out.

This might all sound like a bunch of hooey. But Post has had quite a tough time of it ever since being with the DYBBUK BOX. Post Malone’s private plane had an emergency landing, along with crashing his Rolls-Royce and having an intruder break into his house.

Post tweeted, “god must hate me lol.”

Bagans said that by touching his shoulder, Post could have attracted a curse from the box.

All I’m saying is, don’t jump on a plane with this guy anytime soon. Leave him Malone!

Watch Video Here!