Piper Perabo Speaking Out Loudly

September 4, 2018

USA Today


Earlier today I was punching around on my radio and I found myself just 1.0 degree down the dial from Y98. It was our sister station 97.1 KFTK. My attention got piqued because it sounded like a dude was giving a speech in a big room but you could barely hear him because of the shouting someone was doing. She was really letting him have it every other word. I kept it on waiting for someone to going to kick her out and make it stop but it went on an on. Funny.

When I got to Y98, I discovered it was actress Piper Perabo making all of that noise. I had totally pictured someone else in my mind. Not the star of Coyote Ugly and more importantly Beverly Hills Chihuahua!

Piper was protesting the new supreme court nominee at a confirmation hearing. Important stuff indeed, but we aren't too keen on talking politics on Y98.