PGA Star Rickie Fowler Is Always Rooting For Our Cardinals

August 9, 2018

USA Today


"It's great to be here as a Cardinal supporter and feel the love," said colorful PGA cracker-jack Rickie Fowler. He's the one who wears the bright colors and the baseball hat. Will he wear Redbird Red this weekend? Since I'm not a huge golf watcher, this is the type of stuff is what I care about and look to see.

Originally from California, Rickie said he's always keeping an eye on the Cards. Even before going to college at Oklahoma State, Fowler was a fan of the Redbirds. 

And how'd he do the first round? "Rickie Fowler surged into the lead early at the 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in Missouri with a 5-under 65. Fowler, looking for his first major win, had six birdies and few missed shots on the day," from CBS Sports. Awesome!

"It's definetly been a fun ride so far!" he said. Us too Mr. Fowler!