Paul's "Gloria Bet" With Rival Boston Radio Station

May 24, 2019

(Paul Cook's phone)


Here’s some more Blues v. Bruins fun. I say if city mayors and morning shows can engage in awkward wagers on the Stanley Cup finals well so can veteran afternoon hosts by god!!!

Gregg Daniels at Mix 104.1 in Boston has been tearing it up even longer than I have and he's a good dude. So we decided to get together on a wager of our own with some real skin in the game. Here’s how it went down on Friday afternoon:

“We are title town,” Daniels declared on the phone. “Lots of championships in Boston. You know that right?”

No response from me. Steam starting to build up in between my ears at Gregg's totally accurate statement. Then he dropped:

“I don’t think the Blues will win, (this guy!) but how does this sound? If they do, I’ll play GLORIA on my afternoon show after each victory?”


“Alright! You got it. See ya later Gregg with three g’s.” Hand quickly moving to the phone hang-up button...

“Hold it Paul Cook! Haha, if the Bruins win a game, you have to play our theme song by the Standells. It’s called DIRTY WATER, cool?”

We made it official with a pinky promise on the phone and I dropped to my seat exhausted from the intense negotiation.

“Dirty Water” is not a good song people. So the Blues need to run these guys over. I mean hey, at least I gave him “Gloria” to play if we win and everybody knows it’s like the best song ever!

So stayed tuned. Monday is even more crucial for St. Louis and our beautiful airwaves!