Past Crushes You Were Clueless About, But Realize Now

July 24, 2018



Can you think of a person who was putting out all the crush signals (in the past,) but you failed to notice until recently? We all have them according to research, unless you live in a cave. This is about the lights finally coming on for you Dum-Dum.

Julianne Adams from "Someecards" tracked down a bunch of "clueless humans who failed to notice huge hints someone had a crush on them." It's crazy and humorous how oblivious we can be.

This one from GuYO-Man “I was sent a picture of her in a "Halloween" outfit. When I look back and think. She was just in a bra. I responded with "you'll be cold". Woops.”

Usually the reason you miss these messages is because you are super focused on some other situation or project. But, of course, the “Crusher” takes that as a turndown and may never send those signals again.

That's me back in the day. Quick, planned-out signal laid down (mostly in my head). It isn’t noticed and vocalized back to me in a shouting, disrobing manner, so I say she must hate me. Sound and healthy emotional intelligence there.

It's very tempting, but probably not a great idea to go to Facebook with some of these past emotions if you're married? Bad idea.

“My wife's former crush randomly messaged her on Facebook one day. She actually slept with him on day two. She's now my ex-wife, she's jobless living with his mom, and I have the kids,” Caleb on Reddit. Geez, sums that up pretty good.

Now, it's your turn to search your mind a bit. A really nice friend? Back in school? Oh yeah.