It Makes Me Sad To See Angry Sports Parents

I'm More Sad When I Am One of Them

September 17, 2018



Fall sports for kids and parents, in general, can be such a “pride swallowing siege.”

I always say, “runnin and gunnin!” as I pass other parents I know in between games. It’s just something I say even though I’m not really sure what I mean with it. But some parents can’t even respond because they are so locked up in anger about what happened with their kids and coach in the game. We chuckle about this quite a bit - right up until our kid gets the shaft. It’s in our blood somewhere to care way too much about these games.

Forbes columnist Bob Cook had this advice for unhappy sports parents. “STOP CARING!”

“Stop thinking of your child's performance as reflective of your quality as a parent. Some kids are naturally gifted in, or are drawn to, a particular activity; some pick dandelions in the outfield. It's natural when your child is in a sport, probably the first time you've seen him or her perform right in front of you in public, to want the child to do well, and to participate as fully as he or she can. But part of the process of childhood is him or her (and you) learning likes and dislikes, using sport not merely as a means to win or lose, but as an act of self-discovery. Sometimes that discovery is: my kid hates basketball.”

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