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July 2, 2018



This is all about your “Digit Ratio” and grip strength. Of course you know what digit-ratio is right? Neither did I until seeing these brand new findings and predictions about FAITHFULNESS and MARRIAGE POTENTIAL. But beware the possibilities if you read further.

Look at your hand. “Digit-Ratio is the ratio of the length of your index finger to the length of your ring finger,” according to Greg Chertok, M.Ed., certified sport psychologist.

The length of your ring finger in comparison to your index finger suggests the amount of prenatal testosterone you received. The longer your ring finger the more prenatal testosterone you received in utero. Yeah baby!

Paul Cook

Me above ^

The research the neurologists and psychologists, involved in this study, discovered says long ring fingers for both men and women report needing less emotional involvement favoring short-term relationships. (That’s not a positive one for me.)

How about having a stronger handgrip or a weaker one? Men with a naturally stronger handgrip are more likely to be married than men with weaker grips. In fact, the research says men with a weaker grip are more likely to grow old unmarried, but they have a heightened risk for cardiovascular disease. Wow, I’d be at Johnny Mac’s looking for one of those impossible gripper strengtheners with the coils. It also says that you can increase your grip on your own and it will help with lung capacity.

Findings reported by Greg Chertok, M.Ed., is a certified sport psychology consultant, fitness coach and founder of Chertok Performance Consulting