The Must-See Life List of Sia

August 24, 2018
File photo dated 26/02/17 of Sia, who has said she will halt her working relationship with teenage dancer Maddie Ziegler if the youngster ever wants it to stop, while defending her choice to use her as her muse.



Gosh, I LOVE Sia. She has done the popstar thing like no one else we’ve ever seen: a wig covering her face? She still covers her face with that big blonde/black wig when performing. As if she had to hide a boring life without substance, nope, not Sia! If a person can be a list of interesting things, here’s Sia’s list to me:

1. 42, only a few others have had a #1 hit in their 40’s

2. 1 suicide attempt

3. Dated ex-husband for only 2 weeks before getting engaged

4. Divorced after 2 years

5. Best pop-friends with Katy Perry

6. Lately, been using Tinder and Bumble under a fake name

“I went on a couple of dates, and they were nice,” says Sia, who grew up in Australia but has lived in Los Angeles for about seven years. “It was very funny, and it was great practice. I’m trying to practice intimacy. ’Cause we don’t date in Australia. We just get together.”

7. Her hit “Chandelier” has 1.9billion views on Youtube

8. Taught people like me how to spell “Chandelier”

9. Really loves to be in bed by 8, with her dogs

10. Goes to 12 step meetings.

11-111. Has written more than 100 hits for artists: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Britney Spears and others.

112. Has overcome an auto-immune disorder, bipolar 2 and alcoholism.

113. From Australia.

114. Is Maddie Ziegler’s 2nd mom according to Maddie (Dance Moms).

Sia Furler is a fascinating person. I’m grateful she made it.