A Movie Theater Just For Dog Owners? Yes!

January 10, 2019



This is awesome! The first ever movie theater geared towards dog owners! Unfortunately for us it’s in Plano, Texas -- K9 Cinemas, which is currently only open on the weekends, was founded by Eric Lankford with the help of his four-legged friend, Bear, so that dog lovers could enjoy a night on the town with their pets. Just before Christmas, they screened classics like Elf and Home Alone and offered snacks for people and dogs alike.

Make sure your “best friend” gets a bath before grabbing a ticket to the big movie though in case he's looking for a mate. Actually I take that back - don't leave him alone to save your seat while you’re grabbing some Bunch-a-Crunch or it could get a little crazy in there.

In order to attend a movie, pet owners must provide valid papers from their vet on their first visit with each dog and clean up after their pet. A maximum of two dogs per human is allowed and dogs are to be kept on leashes for the duration of the show unless they're in a specific area that says otherwise. You can learn more about K9 Cinemas' rules and upcoming screenings on their website here.

So, Missouri we need you to buck up on this wonderful idea. St. Louis theater owners, we are a better dog community than Plano, Texas! Come on, who’s gonna make it happen?