The Most Googled People of 2018

#1 is a huge Y98 artist and on the mend

December 31, 2018



Each year Google releases lots of their "Most Googled" lists. TV Shows, Actors and Athletes. I like the Most Googled "People" List. Maybe because Demi leads it. I'm rooting ffor this girl.

Here are the most Googled "People" of 2018.

Demi Lovato
Meghan Markle
Brett Kavanaugh
Logan Paul
Khloe Kardashian
Urban Meyer
Ariana Grande
Rick Ross
Cardi B

How many of these folks will be on the 2019 list?

Here's more...

Top Ten Overall

World Cup
Hurricane Florence
Mac Miller
Kate Spade
Anthony Bourdain
Black Panther
Mega Millions Results
Stan Lee
Demi Lovato
Election Results


World Cup
Hurricane Florence
Mega Millions
Election Results
Hurricane Michael
Kavanaugh Confirmation
Florida Shooting
Royal Wedding
Olympic Medal Count
Government Shutdown