Meet The Famous Golden Globes Photo-bomber

January 7, 2019

I love a good photobombing! If you watched the Golden Globes red carpet for even 10 seconds last night you probably saw the "Fiji Water Girl" making herself really known to the paparazzi.

Wearing a deep blue evening dress, the initially unidentified woman managed to photobomb every big celeb! Everyone from Nicole Kidman and Jamie Lee Curtis to Idris Elba and Richard Madden seemed to have a cute little blue dressed genie hanging out on their shoulder. 

So who is the now famous "Fiji Water Girl?" BTW, such a creative nickname Twitter gave her. She is Kelleth Cuthbert, a model and brand amabassador, of course. She and Fiji are loving the attention. Kelleth admitted "Yes I am hosting the Oscars this year."

CNN Entertainment

You can see more of her photobombing artwork here.