Let's Get Set Up For Amazon Prime Day

You won't miss a deal if you do this!

June 25, 2019



I live for the deals! Such a feeling when you know it's worth X and you get it for Y, which is a huge discount like half off.

Amazon Prime Day is the mother of discount deals online. Real life, genuine, not deceiving stupidity. Okay stay positive Paul.

July 15th is the big day. Deals can happen at any time during Prime day, so you have to be aware. Spend a bit of time identifying the things you want. Then watch for it on the Amazon Shopping app and get notifications when they go on sale. How? What?

Set up an "Amazon Prime Day" deal alert on your phone. In the app tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner, then tap "Today's Deals." Look at "Upcoming" and scroll baby scroll! You getting me? I know! I had to keep rereading this stuff originally too :) But it's here when you need it!

Also, you can set up a Prime account trial for 30 days. You can cancel without paying near the end of the trial. Or keep it, they have some great shows. $12.99 a month. 

Please let me know the deals you scored, paul@y98.com