Jennifer Lawrence's Celebrity Crush is...

November 15, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence's Celebrity Crush is...Timothée Chalamet

Or shall I say 2017 Academy Award Nominee Timothée Chalamet? This jumped out at me because #1 she appears much older than him and #2 because I just got to watch his new movie Beautiful Boy with Timothee! It's not like we were sharing popcorn and a cherry Pepsi, about 200 other friends were also at the Hi-Pointe Theater screening. The picture above is where I was sitting during the Q&A. Awesome movie, but that's another (upcoming) blog.

Well, actually JLaw is only 6 years older than Timothee, her celebrity crush. She's 28 and he's 22.

She said “Timothee Chalamet is so, so talented and hot. I’m waiting for him to get a little bit older, you know?” she admitted. “[I’m] buttering him up like a pig for slaughter, and then I’m going to swing right in there as soon as he’s, like, 30. He’s old enough to say that, right? He’s over 18? What if I was like, ‘He’s hot!’ and he’s 15?”

I wonder how this made him feel? I bet I know.

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