How Not To Kill Your iPhone Battery

July 20, 2018



“So let’s finish it off guys!” Says a kid who takes a blow torch to his iPhone - the rose-gold back turns black right before the little apple melts off into nothing. The girls and I are enthralled in this facsinating YouTube video. Of course, afterwards he is able to boot the phone right up almost like nothing happened. They tell me this guy makes a great living doing this to iPhones.

What does this have to do with saving the life of your iPhone battery? Not much, other than that the iPhone battery blows up on this YouTube kid all the time and I think that's pretty cool.

As ya know, the iPhone is highly complex computer constantly asking for more power from the battery. But there are some great things you can do to save the life of your iPhone battery. And most all of this works for other smartphone batteries too. But I'll warn you about something you don't wanna hear - those cheaper chargers we love to buy are bad for your battery. Oh no!

  1. Power your phone down at least once a week for more than 5 minutes and take advantage of "low power mode."
  2. Keep it out of extreme temps. And leave it out of the bathroom when you shower for temperature and moisture sake.
  3. Wireless charging is hard on the life of your battery according to research done by a writer at ZDNet. That’s because the iPhone battery isn’t getting a break during the wireless charging process. Consequently, this means that the iPhone battery works harder and will ultimately go through charge cycles more rapidly. (From iDROP News)
  4. Old power cords can be tough on it and could send a negative charge and hurt your battery.
  5. Cheaper power cords or third party USB charging ports are also bad for your iPhone battery. And it would cause your broken iPhone not to be covered by Apple.
  6. And finally, to save the life of your battery, refrain from taking a blowtorch to it on YouTube.