How Many Ways Did Hilary Duff Eat Her Placenta?

You have to read what Duff says about the 3rd way

November 8, 2018

USA Today


Yes, it's the hot new guessing game! Actually the answer is at least 2 and counting.

Hillary Duff just​ gave birth to her daughter, Banks, on October 25th. And shortly after she made a Placenta Smoothie out of the afterbirth!

“Most delightful smoothie I’ve ever had,” Hilary Duff said. “I haven’t had a smoothie that delightful since I was 10. It was calorie-filled with juice and fruit and everything delicious.”

Of course this concept is not new but it always freaks me out. AND Hilary wasn't finished. She made placenta ice cubes!

Heck no! Hilary also has a 6 year old son, Luca, with an old boyfriend. Luca's reaction made me laugh. "He asked if he could see the ice cubes and when I showed him he said 'I wish I didn't ask to see!"

This is the best part. When a doctor on a podcast inquired as to why Duff didn’t eat her placenta in capsule form, she replied, “I’ve heard placenta burps are not ideal.” I did an actual LOL on that.