How Jewel Cured Her "Massive Panic Attacks"

September 28, 2018

USA Today


“I learned to let go of perfectionism. I’m more accepting,” says JEWEL.

This girl is tough, and I never really knew it. Jewel left home at age 15 because of her alcoholic father and problems after her parents divorced. Two years later, she was living in her car.

“I started having massive panic attacks,” says Jewel in an upcoming US Weekly article, now 44, “I began to write, and I started practicing what I didn’t know then was mindfulness. My anxiety calmed down.” Along with lots of meditation, Jewel has found success with her mental health.

I love that she faced her troubles with many different ideas and treatments finding what is best for her as a mom. They say, “you can’t take care of your kids until you take care of yourself.”

She says bettering her mental health has also made her a better parent to her 7-year-old son, Kase, whom she shares with ex-husband Ty Murray.

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