Don't Eat Lunch At Your Desk, Eat Here!

July 19, 2018



We’ve talked about how important it is to eat lunch during the workday. The health benefits are pretty cool and it’s a big kick to office productivity too.

But where can we conduct this incredible feat. Studies show those who eat lunch alone at their desks eat more fatty foods all day and at lunch.

You might be saying “So okay, bucko, where do I go then?” To that I ask how does this one grab ya: Take A Walking Lunch!

Okay, It’s a work in progress, but just think of the healthy boxes it checks off. Exercise, nature rejuvenation in the middle of the workday, putting calorie fuel in your system for a strong second half of the day, the list goes on and on.

While I’m working the "WL" out, here’s some ideas of places to eat your lunch instead of your desk.

  1. The Park
  2. Your Co-workers Desk
  3. Your Car (I’m sure you’ve thought of this one) Doing it out of other co-workers sight is an important element.
  4. Find a nearby coffee house
  5. Get a “lunch bunch” together
  6. Lunch in the dreaded lounge/lunch room is proven to have many more benefits than your desk.