Demi Lovato's Sister Sparks An Idea

August 21, 2018



Such a touching message Demi Lovato’s little sister sent out on Monday for Demi’s 26th birthday.

When I saw what she said, Demi Lovato’s younger sister Madison De La Garza reminded me to think of the families that are effected by addiction. They deal with such heartbreak and confusion.

“I’ve been thinking about how i wish that everyone could see the silly little things that she does, like how her nostrils move when she says certain words and when she brushes my hair behind my ear when i’m trying to sleep, because those are the things i’m so thankful for today,” she said on Instagram.

Sources say Madison was one of her biggest supports through Demi’s latest setback.

“They seem so small, but those little things make up my sister — not a singer, not a celebrity, and definitely not what she’s been described as in the media — she’s a daughter, a friend, and my big sister… and i am so, so thankful that i can tell her happy birthday,” De La Garza concluded.

Here's the thought her nice note sparked in me: message your brother or sister today. Tell them the silly thing you remember about them from your childhood.