Celebs Flock To Plastic Surgeons During Covid-19

Are Our Local STL Anchors, Reporters and Hosts Doing The Same?

April 30, 2020
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paul cook


I have a question...

In Bevery Hills Cali lots of celebs are getting "All-In" to help folks dealing with Covid-19, but many others also see this break from normal life as a prime opportunity to get some important nip-tuck action. Then when the professional (non-Zoom-webcam-iphone) cameras go back on they will look like this pandemic hasn't aged them like the rest of us.

There was much debate over a reversal the Bev. Hills city council just did to reopen the plastic surgeon spas. You can read about that below, but here's my question - is that happening with our local STL celebrities?? Yes? Maybe our trusted TV anchors and reporters, hosts, entertainers and anyone in the STL public eye have sought help from the preverbal time machine repairmen? I wouldn't blame them, but could they even do that?

I checked out my handy "American College of Surgeons Guideline Handbook" and on March 24 they said "The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends that all plastic surgeons cease providing any elective or non-essential service," which I don't really agree with, but okay. However, it's been over a month now and we've learned a ton. They might be reversing that statement soon following Beverly Hills.

I visualize a secret Jack Nicholson in Batman type scenario, where he cracks a sinister laugh and breaks the mirror on the counter. The surgeon says "I'm very sorry" and the Joker says "No, I love it!" So, if you see one of our faves appear on the tube looking super youthful when things clear up, you have to ask if they got the true "Corona-Cut?" Let me know if you see something. I'll be watching...


Beverly Hills City Council story...

They think it's a good idea to open the city up for essential services -- aka plastic surgery.

The Bev Hills city council voted 4-1 Wednesday to resume elective and cosmetic surgeries, allowing plastic surgeons to immediately reopen their doors to celebs and rich folk in need of work.

Bev Hills has one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in all of L.A.. County. The vote came just as Governor Gavin Newsom closed ALL of California's beaches to prevent the spread of the virus, so why the immediate need for a nose job?

The City passed an ordinance back on March 16 -- around the time California closed down -- imposing a moratorium on cosmetic and other elective procedures.

The reversal should please lots of famous folks ... remember, "Botched" star and doc Terry Dubrow told us last month tons of celebs are clamoring for plastic surgery while they are out of the public eye, due to the outbreak. -- news from TMZ.