Boulevard Bluster and Bravery

June 29, 2018

What an intensely unpredictable storm we all experienced Thursday afternoon! And so many folks still don't have power because of it. More than 42,000 "customers" are still without electricity (6pm). The folks in Portage Des Sioux in St. Charles County are dealing with a horrible mess. Please get to a cooling center if you don't have AC.

For me it was one of the wackiest days of my entire radio career! At about 4:40, we were getting ready to Boogie on the Boulevard (right across from the Galleria). It was so hot, humid and sweaty, with no breeze. The band was tinkering away with their soundcheck ready to rock some Fleetwood Mac faves. I had just said "we could sure use some wind to cool us off a bit," to my remote tech Ben. Just a song or two later, WHOMP, suddenly it got dark, really dark. Then a huge blast of wind filled the whole Boulevard almost knocking our table over, my papers were everywhere. Band stops. Oops, wow, there goes someone's entire pop-up tent flying over our heads.

Then Mike, the new employee punching the buttons back at the station, yells "We have a TORNADO WARNING!" Good catch Mike. That means I need to alert the entire Y98 listening area about this seriously dangerous stuff possibly coming right at them. And I need to do that while standing outside right where the tornado could be heading. Intense! I gave the warnings as we held the remote table down. On my last word, Ben picked up the whole table with all the microphone equipment on it and started running for cover! He must have had to move that whole deal about 3 times during the thunderstorm that followed (hero). 

Big props to everyone working the Boogie event for their brave packing and running. Unfortunately we had to cancel Boogie on the Boulevard for June 28th, but it will be rescheduled, cuz it's too fun and cool not to. :)