Adorable Teachers Turn Classroom into a "Starbooks"

January 22, 2019

These days it can be hard for kids to step away from their screens and open a book or two. 

But not with innovative teachers like Mrs. Del Castillo, Mrs. Martinez, and Mrs. Kerr from San Antonio, Texas. 

The teaching trio let their students have a "latte" fun as they turned their entire classroom into a Starbooks a.k.a. a mix between Starbucks and bookstore! 

Students "tasted" a variety of novels, had "coffee talk" with their classmates, and viewed book trailers. After making a "good fit" selection, students placed their order.

Students were even able to put T.I.P.S. in a jar (Things I Ponder) and "ordered" one book for their new novel study. Their order was served by there favorite barista, with a cup of hot cocoa.

Vanessa Kerr said, "This was our first year doing the Starbooks lesson. I had originally seen it on Instagram and Pinterest, posted by other teachers. Each teacher had different sets of books, so we all had different picks. In my class, it was pretty even across the board, with students picking several different novels." 

How much fun is this?! Love it! -PAUL

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