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Oliver Hudson Skipped 'This Is Us' Lead To Go Fishing

May 16, 2018

The NBC show 'This Is Us' has been a huge success since it first aired in 2016. 

Oliver Hudson, brother of Kate Hudson, just explained how the show may have looked a little different had his love for fishing not kept him from a second audition.

After a solid first audition for the show, Oliver was invited to come back to do a chemistry read for the role of Jack with Mandy Moore, but he already had a scheduled 10-day fishing trip. 

My agent said, "We got a test. They really like you," and I said, "Ooh, I'm supposed to be going on a fishing trip." He's like, "OK. So? This is a big thing.' And I said, "You know what? I'm going to do my fishing trip," Oliver continued. 

Despite the big missed opportunity, it appears that things have worked out for the best. The actor is currently staring as one of the leads in the ABC series 'Splitting Up Together' alongside 'The Office' favorite Jenna Fisher. 

Oh, and another bright side? Oliver says he caught a 271-pound tuna, his largest fish to date. 

Now that is quite a fish tale!