The Top Techniques To Avoid Shaking Hands

Here the techniques people use to avoid shaking hands so they don't have to worry about getting GERMS..

June 27, 2018



According to a new survey, almost HALF of people say that sometimes they try to avoid handshakes because they're worried about the other person's germs.

And here are the six most common techniques we use to avoid those handshakes:

1.  Acting like we're looking for something in a purse or backpack.

2.  Pretending to be sick by faking a cough so the other person doesn't initiate the handshake.

3.  Holding our breath and just walking away.

4.  Pretending to get a phone call.

5.  Fist bumping or elbow bumping.

6.  Ignoring the person and not introducing ourselves. 

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