The Most Unique Truck Stop Purchase In Every State

Take a look at each state's MOST unique truck stop purchase.

June 22, 2018



The truck stop chain Flying J looked at the most COMMON things we buy at truck stops around the country.  Then they looked at the top 20 for each state, and picked the one that's most UNIQUE to that area.  Here are six quick stats...

1.  Coffee is #1 in five states . . . Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, and South Dakota.  And it's in the top 5 in EVERY state.

2.  People in Louisiana like Red Bull more than anyone else.  And people in Pennsylvania drink a disproportionate amount of Monster energy drinks.

3.  Various brands of beer are #1 in four states . . . Washington, Iowa, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

4.  New York loves hot dogs more than any other state.  And MISSOURI oves corn dogs the most.

5.  Bananas are #1 in Florida.  They're also very popular in Texas, Georgia, and Indiana.  And a side of corn is #1 in Massachusetts.

6.  And ILLINOIS is all about Mac & Cheese??!!

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