The Cities With The Worst Drivers

What cities have the WORST drivers?

July 17, 2018



There's an annual study that takes the 75 biggest cities in America, and ranks them according to how BAD the average driver is.  They look at things like how many accidents, speeding tickets, and DUIs people had over the last year.  Plus stuff like how many people got pulled over for texting-and-driving.

And according to this year's results, the worst drivers in America live in or around Omaha, Nebraska.  But California has FIVE cities in the top 10.  Here's the list...

1.  Omaha.  It was 8th last year.

2.  Riverside, California, just outside L.A.

3.  Sacramento, California.

4.  Columbus, Ohio.

5.  San Francisco.

6.  San Diego.

7.  Charlotte, North Carolina.

8.  Portland, Oregon.

9.  Los Angeles.

10.  Salt Lake City. 

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