Look: America's Top Spelling Searches On Google

What word are you looking up on Google to SPELL correctly?

May 22, 2020
spelling computer

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Google just released its annual results of America's top spelling searches.

They put together a map of the most common "How do you spell ..." searches in every state so far this year.

And the most commonly looked up word is . . . QUARANTINE.  People in Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York all searched for that spelling the most.

The second-most popular search is "canceled" . . . does it have one "L" or two?  There's really no definitive answer, although in the U.S., we usually go with one.

We also have to give two special shout-outs.  The word that people in Kansas have the most trouble spelling is . . . cook.  And the word that people in Virginia look up the spelling for the most is . . . VIRGINIA??!!