Listen: The Knack Performs "Bye, Carona!"

The guys behind "My Sharona" did a CARONA parody song to it??!!

March 26, 2020
Bye Carona

(Getty Images)

"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC didn't want to make light of the "corona" in another "My Sharona" parody, so the original band, THE KNACK, went ahead with it.

Singer Doug Fieger died of cancer 10 years ago, but guitarist Berton Averre and bassist Prescott Niles teamed up to perform a parody called "Bye Corona!".

It isn't a full song, really.  First, Berton played along to the guitar solo.  Then he and Prescott shouted "Bye Corona!" a few times at the end.  While social distancing, of course.