2020's Top Halloween Costumes

Party City says the top Halloween costumes this year will include...

August 13, 2020

(Photo by Dan Tian/Xinhua) (Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA)


96% of parents still plan to celebrate Halloween, according to a new poll by Party City, but 7 in 10 are also looking for alternatives to trick-or-treating.

The top trends they expect to see this year are more decorations . . . neighborhood parades . . . and people leaving bags of candy on doorsteps so it's contact-free. 

Here are the top COSTUME trends they expect to see...

1.  Horror movie characters.  People might also look for costumes that incorporate masks, like Michael Myers.

2.  Video game characters.  They're expecting a lot of "Fortnite", "Halo", and "Super Mario" costumes this year.

3.  Everyday heroes.  Including doctors, nurses, and police officers.

4.  Characters from "Frozen".  They're still popular with kids.

5.  "Tiger King" costumes.

6.  "Wonder Woman" characters.

7.  Harley Quinn and other characters from "Birds of Prey".

8.  Skeletons.

9.  Other undead costumes.  Like zombies, vampires, and Day of the Dead outfits.

10.  Politicians.  Or anything else election-related. 

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