Would You Turn In A Family Member For These Crimes?

If you found out a friend or family member committed a crime, would you turn them in?

August 14, 2018



Would you turn in a friend or family member if you found out they committed a serious crime?  A new survey asked people about everything from shoplifting to MURDER.  Here are ten crimes, and how many of us would rat them out.

1.  Murder.  87% said they'd turn in a friend or family member for it.  7% said they weren't sure . . . 3% refused to answer . . . and 3% said they WOULDN'T turn them in.

2.  Dealing hard drugs, like heroin.  74% would turn them in.

3.  Animal cruelty, 71%.

4.  Assault, 68%.

5.  Illegal firearms, 64%.

6.  Drunk driving, 53%.

7.  Scamming the government out of benefits, 45%.

8.  Dealing pot, 44%.

9.  Tax evasion, 35%.

10.  Shoplifting, 33%. 

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