Why People Move Back In With Their Parents

The top reason that people move back in with their parents is...

February 20, 2019

(Photo by Antonio Guillem/Dreamstime.com)


The top five reasons people gave for moving back in with their parents are:  A break up or divorce . . . to save money . . . not having a job . . . debt . . . and to take care of their parents.

Here are a few more results from the survey...

1.  45% live in their childhood bedroom . . . and only 12% are fulfilling the stereotype and living in the basement.

2.  One in four pay rent to their parents . . . and only 5% have parents who cover ALL of their expenses, including food, insurance, and phone payments.

3.  Only 13% of parents say they wouldn't want their adult children moving back in.

4.  And 77% of the people living at home say there's NO time limit on the situation. 

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