The States With The Most People Filling Out March Madness Brackets

Here are the states with the MOST people filling out March Madness brackets.

March 20, 2019

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The first round of March Madness starts tomorrow, so you've got one more day to fill out your bracket.  And we found stats on which states are filling out the most this year.

#1 is Kentucky, where 31% of residents planned to fill out a bracket, or bet on the tournament this year.  Utah is next at 26% . . . then Kansas, 25% . . . and Colorado and Nebraska at 24% each.

The states with the fewest number of people who care are New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana, Vermont, and Maine.  Only 12 or 13% of people in those states plan to bet on games.  Most of the other states are right around the national average of 19%.

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And 52% of bosses think March Madness actually BOOSTS productivity, and 72% say it has a positive effect on morale.  The top ways we celebrate March Madness at work are through friendly competition, like brackets . . . by wearing team apparel . . . and by watching games with coworkers.

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