The Most Popular Female Superhero In Each State

Who are the MOST popular female superheroes in Missouri and Illinois?

June 27, 2018



Female superheroes are getting more and more popular, so one website decided to use Google Trends data to determine the most popular female superhero in each state. 

Not surprisingly, Wonder Woman is the MOST popular.  She came up SEVEN times . . . winning six states, including ILLINOIS, plus Washington, D.C.

The next two are TV heroes:  Supergirl and Marvel's Jessica Jones.  They each won SIX states. 

The DC heroes Batgirl and Power Girl were each a big deal in FOUR states, and neither of them ever had their own show.

Black Widow from "The Avengers" and Black Canary from the CW series "Arrow" had THREE states apiece.

Heroes who got either ONE or TWO mentions included Jean Grey and Storm from "X-Men", Gamora from "Guardians of the Galaxy", She-Hulk (MISSOURI's most popular female superhero), Scarlet Witch from "The Avengers", and The Wasp.

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