The Most Condescending Things Dads Hate To Hear

What are the MOST condescending things dads hate to hear?

June 19, 2018



A new survey asked dads what CONDESCENDING and patronizing things people say to them.  And here are the 10 they hate the most...

1.  Saying to their wife, "You've got him well trained."

2.  "You're doing it wrong, you should do it like this."

3.  "Are you disappointed the baby wasn't a boy?"

4.  "Are you babysitting today?"

5.  "It's nice to see a man watching the kids."

6.  "Bet you can't wait until your wife comes back."

7.  "Now that you have a kid, get used to never having sex again."

8.  "Did your wife lay out the kids' clothes for you?"

9.  "You're actually good at putting on diapers."

10.  "Oh, you managed to make it here on time." 

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