Look: Shoes Off for Weight Loss

Taking your shoes off at your front door could help you lose weight?

May 22, 2018



Taking off your shoes at your front door could help you lose weight, because you track in fewer chemicals called "obesogens" that mess with your hormones and promote fat growth.

—————————————————— IMPORTANT HEALTH INFORMATION: Have you heard “ YOU ARE NOT FAT, you are TOXIC!” ----‍♀️ #hormonedisruptors —————————————————— While lack of activity, poor diet and genetics are frequently blamed for this problem, could there be other factors in the environment affecting the weight gain of our youngest citizens? What about #OBESOGENS ? —————————————————— Research in recent years has shown that an increase of #CHEMICALS IN OUR DIET could be CONTRIBUTING to the #OBESITY EPIDEMIC we are now facing. The EHPI also states that certain endocrine disrupting chemicals affect how the body creates and stores fact which could be contributing to this epidemic. —————————————————— These are part of a growing list of obesogens: hidden chemicals that might be making your family gain unintended weight through a variety of means. Low doses of these endocrine disruptors can actually have a worse effects than high doses. ✨✨✨ —————————————————— HOW To PROTECT YOURSELF FROM OBESOGENS?! ....:.: If this list is troubling, it’s for good reason. Not only are obesogens all around us, most articles I read viewed this as an “expanding” list. Future research may uncover more chemicals that act as obesogens as further studies are done to determine how we can conquer obesity in America. —————————————————— That said, there are concrete steps you can take to reduce your exposure to obesogens: CONTINUES .......

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