Look: Alien Face On Antarctica

A UFO hunter has found an ALIEN FACE on the surface of Antarctica??!!

August 30, 2019

(Getty Images)


A UFO hunter who goes by the name ThirdPhaseOfTheMoon online was searching Google Earth maps and seemed to find a giant ALIEN FACE on the surface of Antarctica.

He's speculating it just became visible now because climate change has melted the snow that was covering it up, and that it's obviously a sign of an ancient civilization of giant aliens in Antarctica.

Grey alien face captured in Google Earth map in Antarctica. Go and search it for yourself. Shoutout to Thirdphaseofthemoon -- https://youtu.be/BVjH1onTFO4 Follow me-- @ufo_scandinavia -- . #ufo #alien #ovni #love #planet #earth #phenomenon #strangerthings #news #insta #instagram #ufosighting #antarctica

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