The "Jeopardy!" Questions That James Holzhauer Got Wrong

There AREN'T many...

May 24, 2019

(Photo by Carol Kaelson/Jeopardy! productions/via USA Today)


"Jeopardy!" champion JAMES HOLZHAUER may be unbeatable, but he's not infallible. As of Wednesday night, he'd gotten 27 questions wrong. 

Here are 10 of them:

1.  A 2016 interview with this "Batman" actor found him looking sad;  the internet then made him the meme we deserve.

James:  Who is Christian Bale?

Correct response:  Who is Ben Affleck?

2.  Modern auto safety took a big step in '66 as LBJ signed bills mandating seatbelt and rupture-resistant these.

James:  What are air bags?

Correct response:  What are fuel tanks?

3.  At the Montreal Jazz Festival, you might see smoke on the water of this Swiss lake's shoreline.

James:  What is Lucerne?

Correct response:  What is Lake Geneva?

4.  Constitution Day is September 17;  this related set is celebrated every December 15.

James:  What are the Articles of Confederation

Correct response:  What are the Bill of Rights?

5.  Frank O'Hara's most famous poem is "The Day Lady Died", in which he reads about this jazz singer's death in 1959.

James: Who is Ella Fitzgerald?

Correct response: Who is Billie Holliday?

6.  This inductee into the Video Hall of Fame sold 17 million copies of a videocassette she released in 1982.

James:  Who is Madonna?

Correct response:  Who is Jane Fonda? 

(This was a Final Jeopardy question.  This guy can miss Final Jeopardy and STILL win games.)

7.  Beethoven and Mozart wrote for this instrument that Ben Franklin created, which he said gave him the greatest personal satisfaction of all his inventions.

James:  What is the glass flute?

Correct response:  What is the glass harmonica?

8.  Permanent press is a process where fabric gets chemically treated to make it resistant to these.

James:  What are stains?

Correct response:  What are wrinkles?

9.  In 2018 this band "didn't have a dime but I always had a vision, always had high, high hopes."

James:  Who is Fall Out Boy?

Correct response:  Who is Panic! at the Disco?

10.  Made in the Vytina region, the first type of this sweetener does not crystallize.

James:  What is sugar?

Correct response:  What is honey?

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